Pediatric Cancer:
Identify doctors with the right expertise for your child’s exact diagnosis.

What took this family 3 months could take you 15 minutes

mom and dad with lucas with acute myeloid leukemia
mom and lucas in hospital treating acute myeloid leukemia
dad and lucas during treatment for acute myeloid leukemia

Why is accurate information about doctors and their research so hard to find?

Because it wasn’t published for normal people.

We built a tool to help.

Learn How to Use Data to Fight for Your Family

Identify and compare top cancer specialists for your child’s specific diagnosis based on clinical trial experience and published research.


What Families Have to Say

“My husband and I are both doctors, but we are not oncologists. We found out about Curewheel shortly after our 11-year-old son Luke’s AML diagnosis. Curewheel helped us confidently identify the top researchers in AML to push us in the right direction for Luke’s treatment. We are very grateful for this resource.”

Julie & Doug M. "Team Luke"

Our daughter, Mary Stewart was diagnosed with AML FLT-3 ITD in 2014 and relapsed in 2016. We were ultimately treated at 3 hospitals in 3 different states. During this time we did a lot of manual research. Our goal was to find the most knowledgeable clinicians and researchers, with the hope of a forever cure. I learned about Curewheel, and immediately knew this tool would have saved us not only weeks of research, but it could have led us more quickly to the best treatments.

Dwight W. "Team Massy"

When my brother was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma we were in a state of shock and had no knowledge of where to go and which are the doctors that are experts in this extremely rare tumors. During our research for doctors and hospitals, we came to know about Curewheel which helped us a lot in finding the top doctors and hospitals to go to. Curewheel provided a complete list of researchers and specialists of Ewing’s which helped us a lot.

Mitesh J.

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Dealing with Cancer

7 Essential Steps

Download our free PDF and begin building your community of support.

Dealing with Cancer

7 Essential Steps

Download our free PDF and begin building your community of support.